Dagens Drypp

Morning gratitude

Jeg har en greie, noe jeg liker å gjøre hver morgen, en liten boost som gir meg en god start på dagen. Jeg fant den på utube og tok meg selv i å ville høre på den hver dag for en lang stund. Til slutt skrev jeg den ned i en notatbok jeg har for ting og tang som er viktig for meg

Positive affirmations to remind ourselves to take nothing for granted and to appreciate even the smallest things in our lives

Starting off the day positive intent makes all our goals easier

I am gratful to open my eyes today. I am grateful for another chance to live my life, for a new start . I am grateful to feel the breath in my lungs, and beating in my heart . I am grateful for today for the oportunities in the next 24 hrs

I welcome the chance to do something amazing with the day today. I choose to make the most of today. I energize my thoughts , I focus my intention. I remind myself of how far I have come and believe I can still go the distance to whatever goal or vision I have in mind. I remind myself of achievements accomplised and channel my focus on today and beyond to make the most of the next 24 hours.

I am grateful for this body and wow to treat it well, to eat well, to nourish it well, hydrate it, exercise it, stretch it, move it, relax it

I am grateful for my mind. I commit to using it well . To focus on learning, to reply in knowledge gained, to reflect, to hold myself accountable, to stay humble, to agree to talk and think well og myself and others, to channel my focus only to the positive and let go of wasteful thinking

To let go on dwelling on the past, where there are no more lessons learned. To let go of fear and anxiety of the future and instead focus on what I can control

my own actions

my own thoughts

my own reactions

my intent

I am grateful for the people in my life, those who are supportive, those I have learned from. I take a moment to remember all the small and great things done for me. There is so much to be grateful for, whether a door held open or a smile from a stranger, or a gift of time or attention from another

I am grateful for what I give myself. The time to reflect alone, to clarify my thoughts, to remind myself to continue , for the courage I have to do what feels right instead of following the crowd, balancing rational thought and the guidance og intuition

I am grateful for the basics, to breath, to eat, to sleep, to move. I remind myself that not everyone has these basics. I remind myself that I am privileged to have these

Today is al I have and I promise to use my time well. I am grateful for this day, these 24 hours.

I am grateful for the potential that lies inside of me. I promise myself to use my time well, to be clear on my intent, to be flexible and adaptable , to respond with good grace to lifes unexpected events.

To work towards the best that I can be. To continue with my goals. To stay strong and ignore distractions. To let others negativity just pass by. I refuse to feed my own doubts. I commit to being the best that I can be today. From thinking to clarifying intention, from vision to action with the



and resources available

To be the best in




and spirit

for myself and for others.

To give the best of myself, as I focus and set intention, as I clarify my vision and my next actions. I am grateful for today and I am ready for today.

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